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And they came for Texas.

270Straegies: Helping clients build people-centered, data-driven, and digitally-sophisticated grassroots campaigns that achieve their strategic goals and change the world.

It sounds simple enough.

270Strategies’ Jeremy Bird states to Politco that:

“With its diversity and size, Texas should always be a battleground state where local elections are vigorously contested and anyone who wants to be our commander in chief has to compete and show they reflect Texas values. Yet for far too long, the state’s political leaders, both in Austin and in Washington, D.C., have failed to stand for Texans. Over the next several years, Battleground Texas will focus on expanding the electorate by registering more voters — and as importantly, by mobilizing Texans who are already registered voters but who have not been engaged in the democratic process.”

“Texas values” not being represented by those elected?

270Strategies apparently feels it can represent “Texas values” but it also appears to be a front for Blue State Digital as that is the registrant of the domain name and the DNS provider.

Blue State Digital is a public relations firm whose claims to fame includes engineering:

The election of Barack Obama as President.
The election of Dilma Roussert, a socialist, as President of Brazil.
The election of faux Amerind Elizabeth Warren to US Senate.
Media campaigns for the DCCC and the NAACP.

The only available address for 270Strategies is: 734 15th Street, NW, Suite 1000
Washington, District of Columbia 20005.

This raises questions though as to what their true motive is as 734 15th Street, NW, Suite 1000, Washington, District of Columbia 20005, is also the address of Ebert & Baumann Consulting Engineers, Inc., a “green” consulting firm. EB-Engineering is led by Oliver Baumann, President, Diplom-Ingenieur, LEED AP, and Jochen Schäfer, Head Industrial Group, Diplom-Ingenieur, LEED AP, both documented green (no pun intended) card holding German nationals.

The EB Engineers website states:

Our entire work is committed to cost effective, energy efficient and sustainable solutions for our clients’ projects! With this in focus, we provide comprehensive consulting services that comprise integrated methods and modern tools.
Our services cover the entire life cycle of buildings and systems; our methodologies and tools are applicable for all types of buildings, as well as for industrial systems and processes..

Why would a public relations / propaganda firm share office space with a “green” engineering firm? And how would this public relations / propaganda firm foster a strong Democratic Party presence in Texas?

Destruction of economic viability of the citizens of a state creates a culture of dependence, making the residents the subjects of the ruling class. What would destroy the livelihood of the citizens of Texas the most and foster the greatest dependence?

The destruction of the oil economy. Why? People know who to vote for when their livelihood depends on it. If it is destroyed, they become as hopeless as those not as well compensated for their labor. Expect to see the demonization of refineries, pipelines, oil wills, etc. Just as with coal, they will claim that its mere presence poisons the environment, that its removal destroys the environment, that the use of it poisons citizens, especially the poor, aka Hispanics, because of proximity.

As they did for Appalachia because of its coal based economy decades ago, they came for Texas because of its oil. Because there is nothing more demonic to a green liberal than a “fossil fuel”.

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  1. January 30th, 2013 at 11:35 | #1

    Good detective work P.G. It’s not at all clear that oil and coal are “fossil fuels.” I’m pretty sure that term was coined by the oil industry to give the illusion of scarcity to drive up prices. But in reality, I don’t think they come from fossils at all.

    • stonegatherer
      January 30th, 2013 at 15:32 | #2

      Current scientific theory is that coal and oil are both fossil fuels.

      Coal is a fossil fuel. I have seen the fossilized leaf imprints in between the layers of the rock … well I have seen them in bituminous coal. Anthracite coal could have a very different origin, I have never seen it, or researched coal as a mineral.

      Oil …… abiogenic / abiotic petroleum anyone …..

  2. January 29th, 2013 at 22:29 | #3

    Target also: Oklahoma, North Dakota, and other states.

  3. March 17th, 2013 at 09:54 | #4

    The left does use many fronts. They also have quite a few leaders cross appointed to consultant positions or board memberships to make sure the narrative is pushed. Their blind lust for power is disgusting and repulsive in the Ellsworth Toohey mold.

    • stonegatherer
      March 28th, 2013 at 22:35 | #5

      Sorry for the delay in approving.

  4. cynthia curran
    February 11th, 2013 at 12:10 | #6

    Except for Ted Cruz and Lamar Smith a lot of Texas politicians are sleezeballs because they support business hiring illegal immigrants in massed numbers in the construction industry. If the Republicans lose Texas its because the Rick Perry and Company supported big business hiring illegal immigrants. In fact Texas Businessmen want a big guest worker program to legalize illegals to do those jobs that whites will not do. It served Texas right for wanting the cheap labor and the kids of the illegal immigrants vote Democratic.

    Editor: I edited your post. Spelling needed some work.

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