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Thoughts …..

Two guys in Corvette going down the street with enough “bath” on that is offensive to pedestrians. Bad.

Women in clothing so translucent that you know the color and style of their thong. Morality please.

Blacks who somehow have the money to drive around all day long in a car with temp tags that you know will never get real plates. Hmmmm?

The number of people who don’t seem to work, but don’t worry about anything.

The number of people who pick up cigarette butts off the ground.

Tuesday, Sep 10 2013, NYTimes: Barry Tatum offended when company took action upon his foreclosed home in which he was still living.

Prairie State Energy Cooperative: Sorry, we can’t provide energy as cheap as commercial energy providers. Life sucks, pay up.

Black cab drivers who think that if they slow up enough that you will magically want to take a cab.

GMCR – Not worth it’s valuation.

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  1. September 13th, 2013 at 22:48 | #1

    What, did you just visit North St. Louis and I didn’t even know about it?

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